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House roules

A warm welcome in our vacation apartment! 

The purpose of these house rules is to give you a relaxed and smooth vacation.
We kindly request you to follow these rules and wish you a pleasant stay.

Tips & rules

Please don’t move the furniture, to avoid damage and wearing of the material.

The closets with ‘PRIVATE’ labels on them, are not meant to be opened.

Please don’t throw away waste that is not meant to be flushed or drained (like sanitary towels ed). 

We kindly ask not to use environmentally harmful cleaning solutions (like chlorine ed), or throw away fatresidu’s/ leftovers into the drain or toilet. This can cause serious blockage of the drains.

Always use the provided bedding, which can be found on the beds. In case this is ignored, costs will be taken in account to clean the pillows, bed sheets and sleeping mattresses.

To protect the table, please use the forseen tablecloth (with a plastic layer).

Microwave and oven are left clean by the people who rent it.

At the end of your stay, please leave the fridge and freezer open, to avoid mold.


 Pets are allowed, only if they sleep in a bench or sleeping basket. So NOT on the couches, chairs or beds. 

Be respectful to the neighbours and avoid making night noise.

Please report defects within the 12h after arrival to the owner. To avoid that we have to hold you responsible for something you didn’t do. 

Please report new caused damage at the end of your stay, so the owner has time to recover the damaged goods for guests arriving after you.

We kindly ask to not leave the apartment like a dump, for extra cleaning, we are forced to charge 25 euros /hour. 

If you would have any complaints or when noticing something abnormal, please contact the owner as soon as possible (within 12h of observation).

We are not responsible for accidents in and outsie the vacation apartment.

It is forbidden to smoke in the vacation apartment!